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I like to plant potatoes.

I like to plant potatoes because I love to dig them up. Digging potatoes is like opening presents! They’re one of my favorite plants to grow. OK, I like to grow potatoes because I really like to eat them too. Potatoes give you so many reasons to grow them. They’re very easy to grow, you don’t need a large space to grow a lot of them, they store well and you know they haven’t been sprayed with toxic chemicals or growth retardant. The taste is incredible. An average baked potato with skin has 5 grams of protein! This is high for a vegetable. You have a choice of over 100 varieties to grow and each potato has a very different taste. You can prepare them in so many different ways.

For a small investment in seed potatoes or eyes, you can save your own homegrown potatoes and plant them year after year. All you need is a 5 gallon bucket and dry sand. No jars freezers or electricity needed. Somehow, potatoes always know when it is time to grow again.

Today, I just ate my last potato and planted my next crop. I’m only 60 days away from new potatoes! I grow enough to feed me and my family fresh potatoes for 10 months. This year I am using a few different techniques so I can harvest more from a smaller space. My goal is to grow and store enough potatoes for my family for the entire year. Yes, you can buy potatoes relatively cheaply but you’ll get nowhere near the quality of your own. Once you start eating your own produce it is hard to go back to the taste of store bought.

I grow Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac and Kennebec varieties. I chose these for taste, yield and storage quality. However, I have also grown potatoes just because they had a great name or interesting history. That is part of the fun of growing your own food. You get to select what you want to grow and the choice of variety is seemingly endless. I will be adding my potato planting photos and techniques to the “How To” section in the members area if you would like to join and learn how to plant, harvest and store potatoes. Enjoy your spring weather!

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