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This Week in Margit’s Garden

Bok Choy Harvest

I am harvesting my Bok Choy. The weather has turned too warm during the day (high 70’s low 80’s) to keep the Bok Choy sweet and tender. Bok Choy is a vegetable that is better tasting when grown in the fall and matures as the days are getting shorter.

The peas are ready to be trained to the trellis. They are about 4 inches high. I have replanted the few peas that didn’t grow. They will catch up to the others. I pinched off the onion seed heads from my October planted onions so they will concentrate their energy on bulb growth and not making seeds. If you collect enough of the seed heads, you can sauté them in a little butter or olive oil for a tasty treat. The potatoes survived their two days of a slight frost burn and are growing nicely with the warm weather. We have had a few rains so I haven’t had to water. My rain barrels are full again.

The broccoli, chard and cabbage are growing well. I have to spray the broccoli and cabbage with Kaolin clay to keep the slugs off. The plants will look white but the nontoxic clay will irritate the soft undersides of the slugs and keep them away. Kaolin clay is an abrasive ingredient used in toothpaste. You can remove the clay by washing the broccoli before you eat it.


The straw mulch that I put down is great slug habitat. I would rather keep the weeds out and irrigate less than remove it just to keep the slugs away. I did try the beer in the saucer trick once. It didn’t work out so well. The slugs were eating the Lima bean blossoms and leaves so I poured beer into four saucers one evening and placed them around the bean plants. The theory is the slugs will be attracted to the beer, drink it and fall in the saucer and drown. When I came out the next morning, there were no slugs in the saucers as hoped. The empty saucers were strewn about, cornstalks were broken, ears were shucked and half eaten, cobs were scattered and little footprints were everywhere. The corn patch was trashed! Apparently, the raccoons had a big beer and corn bash. It may have been a coincidence but I haven’t tried the beer trick since then and I haven’t had any more raccoons in my garden.

Happy Gardening and check back with me for more fun in Margit’s Garden!

A view from the garden

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