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Chickens are Crazy

Chickens are crazy.  There, I said it.  Chickens are crazy but in a funny and very endearing way.  This is one of the reasons I raise chickens.  The freshest flavorful eggs are just a wonderful byproduct.

Chicken antics have to be observed to be appreciated.  You will understand why we humans use the word chicken to describe a person that is well, acting like a chicken.  Chickens have  very short attention spans and are very serious about everything.  Nothing goes unnoticed by the one-eyed chicken stare. But they spook easily.

This is a typical chicken chain of events:  ALARM!"Something moved! Chase it!  Chase it!" FREEZE! Eye each other suspiciously.  "Why are we here?  I don't know. How did we get here? I don't know. Do you know? I was following you. But I was following YOU!!"  AWKWARD PAUSE.  "Oh look!  There's a bug!!"   So it goes.

My chickens are helping me complete the food circle I am creating on my 'mini farm'.  I provide them with safe housing, free run of the yard, plenty of food, clean water, access to the compost bin that they turn for me and fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden.  The chickens supply me and my family with gorgeous fresh eggs, fertilizer, mindless gentle entertainment, companionship and a living breathing connection  to my food.

You don't have to have chickens to enjoy them.  Ask any backyard flock owner about their chickens and they will proudly tell you all about them.  You probably already know some chicken folks.  Most of us mention our chickens a time or two during casual conversations.  Many will invite you over to meet their chickens so you  can learn about them.  Be careful though, most  small flock owners secretly 'know' that the world would be a better place if everyone kept a few chickens.  They might even encourage you to join in the fun.



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