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Mid Summer Garden Guilt

It is mid summer and time for garden weeds to thrive and your enthusiasm to wilt.  It is perfectly fine to feel this way.  The weather has turned hot and humid and you have many other activities vying for your attention and care.  No garden guilt allowed.

Your garden will keep growing and producing even though the weeds are winning.  I can't even see my sweet potatoes.  They are supposed to shade out the weeds not- the other way around.  My sweet potatoes have surrendered to the weeds but I know they are content to grow and will outlast them.

I meant to harvest and freeze my final picking of snap peas.  I didn't get to it.  Unpicked, they continue to grow and become very plump.  I will now let them dry on the vine and store the best ones for planting next year.

I did harvest all my fall planted garlic and onions.  They are curing on racks in the top of the barn.  I'm sure they are cured by now.  I could start using them but I would have to go up in the top of the barn in the 95-100' heat.  For now, I will use up what I have in the kitchen.

My tomatoes are still green, my sweet corn hasn't produced edible ears and my peppers and eggplants are too small to eat.  Except for the summer squash and cucumbers that must be picked daily, now is the perfect time to relax and start thinking about planting the fall garden.  After all, waiting a week or two to plant carrots and beets won't bother your garden one bit.


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