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What New to Do with Eggplant

Do you need a new way to prepare and serve your eggplants?

Make Melanzanosalata. Melanzanosalata is Greek eggplant salad.   It is a traditional Greek recipe and is served as an appetizer.  It is a dip and is best when spread over warm crusty bread.

There are as many recipes as there are Greek people.  All are very good. Here are the basic ingredients: eggplant, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper.  I make it by baking the eggplant.  Some grill it.  I blend all the ingredients while others chop the eggplant and mix.

Most enthusiasts have a favorite recipe.  The one I use is simple and lets the baked eggplant flavor come through.  One eggplant (close to a pound) poked with a fork 6-8 times, baked at 350°F for about an hour (it should be soft throughout), cool, quarter, and then remove seeds and skin. The pulp is placed in a blender or food processor with one clove of garlic, two tablespoons of good olive oil, a tablespoon of lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste.  That’s it!

You can add a dab of mayonnaise; a dollop of yogurt (Greek, of course), diced tomatoes, parsley or anything else you feel will taste good in your salad. Experiment.  I like it on bread with a bit of fresh homegrown tomato but it is good on pita or slathered on a sandwich.

Go ahead and try it-you won’t be disappointed!

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