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I Can’t Wait to Weed My Vegetable Garden



Needin Weedin (2)

Garden needing weeding

Say that to those close to you and most likely they’ll think you are nuts.   You’ll probably hear a few comments like:

  • I don’t have time to weed
  • It is too much work
  • I can buy good vegetables cheaper than all my effort
  • I had to weed when all my friends were playing
  • It was hot and buggy
  • I decided then I would never have a garden

These are all valid reasons not to have a vegetable garden.  Many of those feelings were developed when we saw the world from the viewpoint of a youngster not wanting to do chores in the summer. We are adults now with adult perspectives.

Why we think gardening is work

We tend to see it as work because of how we measure accomplishments now.  Instead of mowing lawns or patiently saving our allowance for that special toy, we see no benefit to waiting.  We only feel satisfied if we can cross a task off of our “To Do” list permanently.  We have grown used to instant and final results.  Having to weed?  They will just grow back and I’ll have to weed again.  Wanting to know the exact day your tomatoes will be ripe to fit your schedule may be tricky.  Gardening doesn’t happen that way.  We need to be okay with having a general idea of when the tomatoes will be ripe. The unpredictability is what makes us uncomfortable.

Potatoes peeking (2)

Potatoes peeking through the soil seeking the sun

I love to be in my garden

Gardening forces me to accept a different pace. It gives me an excuse to slow down.  I can’t make a tomato grow any faster than it is supposed to and I can’t make a weed not want to grow.  Vegetable gardening is about goals and outcomes but not in the way we normally think.   It is a system that we have to slowly and patiently through hands on experience learn how to work within. It takes small amounts of focused effort spread over a growing season.   We aren’t used to accommodating nature’s time frame.  Walking through my garden every few days makes me look forward to:

  • Finding out if my potatoes are finally peeking through the soil seeking the sun
  • Feeling like the 10 year old playing  in the dirt (until you try to stand up)
  • Refreshing the sense of wonder-what is this new sprout or bug?
  • Relaxing knowing that the garden is “working” for you 24 hours a day-seven days a week
  • Enjoying  being part of the ever changing process and progress

I love to weed because it allows me to feel the renewal that flows from the soil.  I imagine it takes me back to a simpler time when we all shared a similar connection to our gardens.

How about you?  Why do you like to spend time in your garden? Please feel free to share.

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