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Take Back Your Food

Today's eggs 3Today's Eggs

Raising a few chickens and growing a garden keeps me perpetually grateful.  My eggs are not a perfectly matched, perfectly shaped dozen with a date stamp.  On the day they are laid, I gather them gently, still warm, from beneath an obliging hen.  It is comforting knowing what my chickens eat.

Planting a garden, spending time in the sun and becoming a part of the cycle tugs at a neglected spot in my soul.  Canning, preserving and freezing my harvest helps me take back my food and sense of well-being.

Summer harvest (2)Summer Harvest

Eating is the most natural and intimate act performed by all, every day.  Your body absorbs what you put into it.  What you chew or drink literally becomes part of who you are.  Yet, we behave as if this isn’t true.  We have distanced ourselves from our personal relationship with the food we eat.

When you take back your food, you take back your:

  • Health
  • Peace of Mind
  • Pride
  • Sense of Community and Belonging

When you grow your food, you know your food.

HarvestPlanning to Can

It is easy to take that first step:

  • Learn to grow your favorite vegetables
  • Shorten the distance to your food
  • Buy from farmers you know
  • Own the relationship

And you will start to trust your food again.

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