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Waiting For Spring!

Posted on by Margit

The hardest part of the gardening year. Snow Starting to Melt Melt snow, melt!   Wake up, wake up spring!   Sing, song birds, sing! Eastern White-Breasted Nuthatch Restlessness is starting to win. Staring at seed catalogs, I straddle the frustration fence. The seeds … Continue reading

So Many Seed Catalogs-How Do I Choose?

Posted on by Margit

It is still January by calendar, but a bud holding its breath, will stir the spirit of spring. Seed catalog time!  So many choices, so many companies: a new one or two arriving every day.  They all boast and brag … Continue reading

Who Walks by Your Chicken Coop?

Posted on by Margit

  Do you wonder who peeks at your chickens when you aren’t watching?  I do.  A snowfall is the perfect time to find out who comes close to the coop. If we get at least an inch of snow and … Continue reading

Take Back Your Food

Posted on by Margit

Today’s Eggs Raising a few chickens and growing a garden keeps me perpetually grateful.  My eggs are not a perfectly matched, perfectly shaped dozen with a date stamp.  On the day they are laid, I gather them gently, still warm, … Continue reading

Putting the Garden to Sleep

Posted on by Margit

Japanese Maple Turning leaves signal it is time for end of season housekeeping in my garden.  Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the garden with fewer bugs, cooler temps and performing tasks that only feel more permanent now, like … Continue reading

Too Much Rain in the Garden

Posted on by Margit

I am experiencing an unusual gardening year.  My normally very productive vegetable garden looks sad.  I will be lucky if I harvest any red tomatoes this summer.  My green beans never grew pods and my peppers rotted before they ripened. … Continue reading

I Can’t Wait to Weed My Vegetable Garden

Posted on by Margit

    Garden needing weeding Say that to those close to you and most likely they’ll think you are nuts.   You’ll probably hear a few comments like: I don’t have time to weed It is too much work I can … Continue reading

To Insulate or Not to Insulate…

Posted on by Margit

That is the question we are faced with when first starting out with chickens.  Three winters ago I was new to chicken rearing.  I did what most of us do.  I read, researched, planned, imagined, read some more and finally … Continue reading

How I Choose to Help

Posted on by Margit

How I Choose to Help What can I do to help lessen my impact on our Earth’s resources? This question is always in in the back of my mind-almost nagging. Often, what I do does not feel like I am making an impact on … Continue reading

What New to Do with Eggplant

Posted on by Margit

Do you need a new way to prepare and serve your eggplants? Make Melanzanosalata. Melanzanosalata is Greek eggplant salad.   It is a traditional Greek recipe and is served as an appetizer.  It is a dip and is best when spread … Continue reading

Chickens are Crazy

Posted on by Margit

Chickens are crazy.  There, I said it.  Chickens are crazy but in a funny and very endearing way.  This is one of the reasons I raise chickens.  The freshest flavorful eggs are just a wonderful byproduct. Chicken antics have to … Continue reading

Mid Summer Garden Guilt

Posted on by Margit

It is mid summer and time for garden weeds to thrive and your enthusiasm to wilt.  It is perfectly fine to feel this way.  The weather has turned hot and humid and you have many other activities vying for your … Continue reading

This Week in Margit’s Garden

Posted on by Margit

I am harvesting my Bok Choy. The weather has turned too warm during the day (high 70’s low 80’s) to keep the Bok Choy sweet and tender. Bok Choy is a vegetable that is better tasting when grown in the … Continue reading


Posted on by Margit

The winter of 2012 was the warmest on record for most of the USA. I’ll be the first to admit I was happy not to fill the fuel tank twice and we didn’t need to use much firewood. I am … Continue reading

I like to plant potatoes.

Posted on by Margit

I like to plant potatoes because I love to dig them up. Digging potatoes is like opening presents! They’re one of my favorite plants to grow. OK, I like to grow potatoes because I really like to eat them too. … Continue reading

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