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To Connect People With the Joy Of Growing Their Own Food

Our mission is to show you how easy it is to grow your own food. This site provides you with how to information based on best practices in home gardening, sustainable growing and safe food preservation.

There are many reasons you may choose to start growing your own food garden. You may want to eat the freshest food possible. Pulling a tender juicy carrot, rinsing it off and crunching into its delicate freshness is delightful. The deeper rich taste of your own produce does not compare with the washed out taste of produce that was picked, packed and shipped two or three weeks ago.

The size of your own carbon footprint is more visible now and you are looking for simple and easy ways to reduce it. It is certainly more sustainable to walk across your backyard to pick some lettuce, spinach and peas for a fresh green salad than to buy a prewashed ready pack.

Growing your own food is about ensuring that the food you eat is safe for you and your family. You know without a doubt if your food has been sprayed or not. You know what has been added to your soil. You decide your own comfort level with insecticides and fertilizers, not an unseen regulatory agency. You grow your own vegetables so you can trust what is going on the table and in your stomach.

Your garden can easily help reduce your grocery bill. For a small initial investment and a little focused effort, you can create your own local organic produce. For example: Two tomato transplants at $1.49 each should produce 20lbs of tomatoes over the growing season. If you bought twenty pounds of organic tomatoes at $2.99/lb at the grocery it would cost you $59.80. By growing your own you save $56.82 ($59.80 - $2.98). You can raise just a portion of your own produce to create significant savings. You can do this easily and with less effort than you may think.

For me, I want to know that my food has experienced a natural life cycle. That it has warmed in the sunshine, tasted rain, swayed with subtle breezes and that it has listened to songbirds and sensed lightning bugs dance in the night. I want to watch bees land on its blooms and pollinate. I want to know I am a part of the cycle as I plant, weed and water. Throughout the season I notice new growth and changing colors. I slow down when in the garden and feel the calmness of the plants.

When the taste of my first sun ripened tomato explodes on my tongue and it tastes so good, my innate bond with food that I grew rekindles and strengthens. I feel better and proud of what I have accomplished for me and my family. Growing your own food is a lifestyle shift. It does not mean going backward. It means becoming an active participant in your own food production. I want to grow my own food in a way that is respectful to my body, my soil, our water and earth.

Why we choose to grow our own food is not as important as taking that first small step towards renewing our relationship with our food. Creating a small garden space, nurturing your plants and respecting the gentle lessons that will come is the natural way to garden. The soil, seeds and plants want to grow. All we need to do as gardeners is relearn how to create the welcoming environment for growing to take place. Listening to your heart, slowing down to observe and following easy guidelines will put you and your family on the pathway to family fun, saving money and growing your own safe fresh food.

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