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September to mid- November

Margit What I’m Doing Outside

  • Plant vegetables that will winter over (garlic and onions).
  • Pull out summer crop remnants and place in compost bin or shred directly into the box.
  • Conduct a soil test to see if I need to add any nutrients and take the steps needed to amend the soil.
  • Plant my cover crop or cover with shredded straw or leaves; I don’t want to leave my soil bare.
  • Dismantle trellis.
  • Harvest and store winter squash and pumpkin; record data.
  • Identify the best potatoes to use for next year’s potato crop. Store in dry sand and put in a cool place over the winter.

What I’m Doing Inside:

  • Canning, freezing and dehydrating the late summer and fall harvest
  • Relaxing and catching up on my reading of gardening magazines.

Winter – mid-November to end of February

Spring – March through mid-May

Summer: Mid-May  through July

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