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mid-November to end of February

What I’m Doing Outside:

  • Repairing equipment or tools or building any new items I need for the upcoming season.
  • Inventory irrigation, trellis and other garden supplies to determine needs.
  • Drain rain barrels and store; reconnect downspouts on home.
  • Clean up onions, potatoes, winter squash and garlic and move them to inside storage area.

What I’m Doing Inside:

Tally the harvest records from the growing season to see how much I’ve grown. Reflect on what varieties did well, which we liked and want to plant again and how much we’d like to plant.  Record my reflections.

Canned Produce

  • Plan my spring, summer and fall gardens. Pick the plants I want to grow and calculate how much I need to grow to meet our food preservation needs.
  • Have fun looking through the seed catalogues. Look at my collection of seed packets to see what I already have and order any new seeds that are required. I usually try at least one new variety each year. I pick my seeds based on taste. Often catalogues will identify “winner of best taste” award
  • Enjoy eating our preserved harvest.
  • In late winter, I start transplants inside for early spring planting.

Spring – March through mid-May

Summer: Mid-May  through July

Fall: September to mid- November

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