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You can join Margit’s Garden® as a paid Pro Member or as a Registered User. Choose the level that works best for you.

Pro Membership benefits include:

  • Canner Planner® – a tool designed to help you answer the question- How much do I need to grow or purchase to meet my family's vegetable and fruit needs? Based on your input, Canner Planner® will determine how many pounds of produce are needed to supply  your family with fresh produce. And if you’re a gardener, Canner Planner® will determine how much space is needed to plan your garden and how many plants you will need. Your plans are stored  so you can return, update and document your food preservation and gardening needs.
  • Garden Plan Helper -is a tool designed to help you create a successful garden. You’ll be able to create a list of the vegetables you want to grow, and our tool will tell you when you need to plant them and how to plant them whether you are using intensive or traditional row gardening. This information is stored and available so you can update and amend it as your garden changes from season to season.
  • Margit’s Gardening Calendar – provides information about when and what you need to do for successful home vegetable gardening.
  • Vegetable Garden Education – whether you are a beginner, growing in small spaces or a more advanced gardener, educational information is available that focuses on using easy sustainable techniques for successful gardening.
  • Video Vault –the video vault contains how to videos that will help you implement easy strategies for building and caring for your garden as well as basic food preservation techniques. Members will be able to vote for the content of the next how-to video.
  • Ask Margit – you can ask Margit vegetable gardening  and food preservation questions and the answers will be posted in this section.
  • Margit’s Garden System – provides an overview of the techniques I use to make gardening easier and productive.
  • Sample Garden Plans for spring, summer and fall gardens as well as baby food spring/fall and summer gardens.

As a Registered User, the benefits include access to:

  • Margit’s recommended resources that help you learn more about local growers and identify tools that make home vegetable gardening and food preservation easier.
  • A Community Forum that provides a way for members to communicate and learn from each other.

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You don't have to register as a member to enjoy these features:

  • Read Margit’s blog for up to date gardening information and to see how her garden is growing.
  • Information about Margit’s Help at Home service for those readers living within our geographic area.

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